🎯DCDR Principles

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Data-Centric Digital Rights (DCDR) is the advocacy of protecting citizens' Rights by transparently implementing the regulations that should protect them.

As core stakeholders, technologists play a critical role as the NextGen Rights Defenders and need to orient themselves through new design and implementation paradigms focused on protecting citizen's digital twins.

The DCDR Principles put forward by The IO Foundation are concepts that help them navigate the intricacies of applying Human and Digital Rights in digital infrastructures, products and services.


  • Establish an easy reference guidance for technologists

  • Establish the premises for the conceptualization of the DCDR Framework

  • Design a syllabus for the dissemination of the DCDR Framework

  • Promote the awareness and understanding of the DCDR Principles

  • Serve as the basis for the Sagan Oath

  • Incorporate the DCDR Principles in the Universal Declaration of Digital Rights

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