Data-Centric Digital Rights

Digital Rights

Version 0.1
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The DCDR Framework is currently a work in progress.


A research focused on establishing a technical description of the Rights that need to be applied to data to extend its lifecycle.

The Digital Rights Taxonomy

The DCDR Digital Harms informs the work for the DCDR Digital Rights.
The next step in the DCDR Framework is establishing the different Rights to be proactively applied over a data structure to expand an object's lifecycle to and arrange it under a taxonomy.
For technologists to adopt a Rights-protecting paradigm, they need to be able to technically describe the different Digital Harms they will want to avoid and, as a result the, Digital Rights they wish to observe.
The DCDR Digital Rights enables

Defining a Digital Right

In the DCDR Framework, a Right is any OPERATION that does not result in a HARM over an OBJECT Lifecycle (in TIME).

Licensing and distribution

As all materials created by The IO Foundation, the Digital Rights Taxonomy, a component of the DCDR Framework, is published under TIOF Public Licensing Model.


The Digital Rights Taxonomy, as any other component of the DCDR advocacy, is subjected to improvements.

How to contribute

Anyone wishing to submit an improvement to the Digital Rights Taxonomy, can do so via the Digital Rights Taxonomy folder in the DCDR repository.


  • Establish a working group to research on the Digital Rights Taxonomy based on the Digital Harms Taxonomy
  • Produce a research paper documenting the Digital Rights taxonomy
  • Design a syllabus for the dissemination of the Digital Rights taxonomy
  • Promote the awareness and understanding of the research results
  • Incorporate the research's results in the Universal Declaration of Digital Rights