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This section provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning the TechUp initiative.

The obvious ones

Is it really free?


Participating in TechUp activities is free. Being a Partner Community is free. Being a Partner Organization is free. Hosting your FOSS project is free.

How do you make money?

Should we?

TechUp is an advocacy endeavor for The IO Foundation. We regard it as the way to encourage people to have a more proactive approach to sorting out the challenges of technology in digital societies.

While we actively seek for funding opportunities and always welcome donation support, we do not believe revenue should dictate whether TechUp exists or not.

In short, and in accordance to TIOF's Funding Policy, if we are doing our job well then you'll support us.

Is TechUp always available 24/7?


You can access the TechUp Space any time you want here.

Why would I want to participate in TechUp?

Can I run my activities any time?


Once you are a registered TechUp Community Partner, you are welcome to run as many activities as you wish, at your own pace and timing.

Can I bring my own exhibitors?

At the time of writing, we do not have a clear position on this topic.

The practical status is that as a TechUp Community Partner you can bring your own exhibitors and we will charge a small % on the price of the bundle you sold them. Any money will go to run TechUp.

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