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The Secure Usability and Accessibility Lab offers secure usability and user-interface assistance to the TechUp community to help them recognize and solve usability challenges that cause friction with the adoption of their FOSS projects or other communication platforms such as their website.


This Lab is provided free of charge for the beneficiary. All execution costs will be born by the implementing partners with the support by the funding partners.


The Secure Usability and Accessibility Lab has its own booth in the TechUp Space.

The booth provides

  • all the necessary information about the Lab

  • application process

  • a meeting point for the Lab's activities


Accessibility Coaching

Guidance to help projects to improve their accessibility capacity, helping them to understand accessibility to better plan and develop their technology.

Accessibility Consultation

Consultations to help projects to increase their capacity to address the most difficult accessibility problems they face in a secure and privacy-preserving manner. These consultation services include research, design and implementation.

Usability & Accessibility Audits

Accessibility audits to provide projects with inputs such as

  • assessment of the accessibility of the project in relation to standards and best practices

  • highlight problems that need to be fixed and suggest areas of improvement

  • analyze and identify any pitfalls that might make it difficult for users under threat to use your tool

  • help tools better understand the needs of their users and articulate them in the design of their tools


If you are interested in getting support by this Lab, applying is very easy:

  • Decide which or the Services you would want to apply for

  • Review the SUA Lab Agreement and make sure you fully agree with its terms

  • Submit your application

  • The Lab team will review your application and keep you promptly updated

  • Once accepted, the SUA Lab Agreement will be signed

  • Lab Services start right after


[Work in Progress]

To help the advancement of all communities and the accumulation of practical knowledge through peer-to-peer learning, the outputs of all coaching, consultation and audits will be publicly documented upon completion by the Partners.



This Lab is made possible by partnering with the following organizations and individuals:

Accessibility Lab


This Lab is made possible with the funding and support of:

Open Technology Fund

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The IO Foundation