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LEARN activities are designed to develop and reinforce knowledge among the TechUp Community.
Where do they happen?

OBJECTIVE: Build capacities, skills

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' hello how are you doing?`
At the command prompt, type newrerwerewrano
Hands-on workshops where participants learn Tech-oriented topics under the umbrella of Human and Digital Rights.
All active learning activities, ice-breakers and case scenarios showcased during the workshops will pivot around observing Human and Digital Rights as well as issues that different NGOs are struggling with. Some of those scenarios may be provided by the NGOs themselves to foster collaboration at the planning stage.
If you would like to pitch your open source project, submit a session proposal or volunteer, please select the appropriate form here or https://TIOF.Click/TechUpForms
While a round of consultation among the Tech Community will be implemented, the following subjects give an idea of the type of workshops that will be pursued. A strong emphasis towards tech useful to implement Digital Rights will be applied. All workshops will involve a specific Tech subject and a component of awareness on Digital Rights.
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