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Session type: Session

1 hour length


Stage Session Requirements

The content of the session must fit Techup’s topics The session must content 5-10 minutes of Ecosystem mapping: Events, Open Standard working groups The length of the session would be between 60 to 90 minutes Max speakers on stage: 4 (+ Moderator, when necessary)

Note: A TechUp Crew member will be there to assist you with the session. If would be possible to delegate the management of the sessions before it starts. For this, the Speaker/Moderator needs to be familiar with the Airmeet platform or attend a training sessions.

Where does it happen?




Ecosystem Mapping

About this document

TechUp offers capacity building sessions as part of its activities to anyone interested in learning new skills. This document gives an overview of the themes and topics that can be covered in these sessions.

TechUp Capacity Building sessions

Proposing a session

Anyone can participate in TechUp and be a part of the community by sharing knowledge and being part of its mission to encourage the next generation of Rights defenders.

If you are interested in submitting a session proposal:

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Proposing a theme or topic

Should you want to propose a new theme or topic, please message us at: Contact@TheIOFoundation.org.

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TechUp library

You can access all the recordings from past capacity building sessions in TechUp's Library.

You will also have access to recordings from other activities.

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