This page describes the itinerary for an Organization Partner across its participation in TechUp.
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Timeline Participating in TechUp is very easy!
This simple list of steps will guide you through all the steps. Rest assured, the TechUp team will be with you to support you all the way.
Get familiar with the benefits and commitments of participating in TechUp
Make sure you fulfil our requirements
Register your Organization
Get approved (we will be quick!)
Prepare your participation Get familiar with the platform (Airmeet) (Optional) Plan for activities you would want to run Attend the orientation session Dress up your booth
Promote your participation across your networks & Invite your organization members
Attend TechUp
Get your post-event stats

Submit your Organization

Participating in TechUp as a Organization Partner is very simple. Just follow the steps below and you’ll be set and ready in no time.
How to propose your Organization:
Check the requirements
Submit your proposal through our submission platform
Our team will review your submission promptly and we will be in touch with you for next steps.
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