🀝Organization Partner Agreement

Version 1.1

This Agreement is to be subscribed between

  • The IO Foundation as the host of the TechUp initiative, hereinafter TechUp and

  • Organization Name hereinafter The Organization

with official email Organization Email signed on the Signature Date hereinafter The Date for the following seasons List of Seasons hereinafter The Seasons

For the Organization Organization Representative Name Organization Representative Title Organization Representative Signature

For TechUp (The IO Foundation) TechUp Representative Name TechUp Representative Title TechUp Representative Signature

Both parties enter this Agreement with the intention of bringing The Organization into TechUp, an initiative by The IO Foundation, to support the broader TechUp Community.

This Agreement will enter in effect immediately from The Date until the end of the last of The Seasons. This agreement can be made void by any of the parties with a prior notice of 2 months to be filed through the Organization Management Interface.


To qualify as an Organization Partner, The Organization must verify the following requirements (hereinafter The Requirements):

  • You are a legally registered entity (NGO, corporate, etc.) that wishes to create positive impact in technology

  • You do not belong to the list of Organizations under special consideration (see below)

  • You can

    • organize activities that are valuable for the TechUp community and its mission


    • provide a pro bono service to FOSS projects, Civil Society or any other active member of the TechUp Community


    • a service or product that, while generally having a cost, will be provided for free to active member of the TechUp Community

  • Abide by The IO Foundation’s Code of Conduct

  • Attend at least 1 orientation session

  • Provide the TechUp team with all the necessary on your side to run high quality activities

By signing this Agreement The Organization confirms to verify The Requirements.

By signing this Agreement TechUp commits to not update The Requirements without prior notice. Any such updates would be reflected on a posterior Agreement.

Individuals who can provide similar support are welcomed. Please contact us for more details: Contact@TheIOFoundation.org


By participating in TechUp as an Organization Partner, The IO Foundation will ensure that you will be granted the following benefits (hereinafter The Benefits):

  • Access to the TechUp Space Your organization members, as well as other people you may invite or attract, can access all publicly accessible activities and engage with a global community of technologists. See the full list here. LEARN BUILD CONNECT

  • Ability to run your own activities to present your organization and the support you provide This includes the possibility of broadcasting to your own media channels.

  • 1 virtual booth Allows you to showcase your organization, run private activities and allow TechUp Community members to contact you.

  • 1 optional virtual booth for a specific event you may organize Allows you to showcase and promote such event separately.

  • Increased exposure

    • Customized promotion materials This will allow you to promote your organization and activities more easily.

    • Promotion of your organization in TechUp's official channels We will give exposure to your organization and the support you provide.

    • Possibility to run a session presenting your organization You will have the opportunity to find more members to support as well as collaborators.

    • Possibility to have a segment presenting your organization in our Codefield productions You will have the opportunity to showcase your organization and the support you provide across TIOF's Codefield audience.

    • Global announcements Presenting your organization and encouraging participants to reach out to you

  • Assistance before, during and after your activities from the TechUp crew We provide a comprehensive help and provide regular updates with new features and activities.

  • Statistics after each of your activities So that you can analyze how did your activities perform.

Platform Updates The platform used for the TechUp Space releases new features very often, of which TechUp will inform you regularly.

By signing this Agreement The Organization acknowledges The Benefits.

By signing this Agreement TechUp commits to upholding The Benefits.

By signing this Agreement, The Organization also acknowledges that while the platform used by TechUp may deploy new features, these will may not be immediately available.

The Commitments

By participating in TechUp as an Organization Partner, and in order to maintain your status, The Organization will need to make sure to comply with the following Commitments (hereinafter The Commitments):

  • Abide by The IO Foundation’s Code of Conduct and the Dhatham House Rule

  • Not charge your members, or anyone you invite to your activities, a fee to access TechUp and your activities (If you do, you may still participate in TechUp as a Sponsor Partner)

  • Organize at least 1 activity on each of The Seasons

  • Provide TechUp with the necessary information about The Organization

    such as Name, Description, Logo, etc.

    • At least 1 email address that will be associated with your booth(s) (Provided in the signature of this Agreement)

    • The necessary to connect your broadcast channels, should you decide to do so

  • Dress up your booth no later than 7 natural days after joining TechUp

  • Promote TechUp and your activities among your own members and networks (you can use your own collaterals or the customized ones TechUp will provide you)

  • Coordinate with the TechUp team to ensure the best experience across your activities and the whole TechUp Space.

By signing this Agreement The Organization commits to abide by The Commitments.

Failure of compliance with The Commitments at any time during The Seasons will trigger a review of your TechUp Membership.

By signing this Agreement TechUp commits to not update The Commitments without prior notice. Any such updates would be reflected on a posterior Agreement.

Organizations under special consideration

IMPORTANT To ensure that TechUp remains independent, community oriented and committed to its objectives, the following organizations types will be under special consideration:

The lists below may be updated as new realities arise.

Should your organization fall into this list after an update, TechUp will contact you and assist you to address this situation to the benefit of all parties.

Organizations not allowed as Organizations Partners

The following organization types won’t be considered for the category of Organization Partner:

  • Political Parties

  • Religious organizations

  • Gambling activities (or any other addiction-related activities)

  • Any organizations deemed illegal under Estonian law.

Organizations to be treated as Special Case

Due to their very sensitive nature and the commitment for TechUp to remain focused on its own impact without compromising its principles, the following organization types will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis:

This clause does not imply that the listed organizations are not welcomed to TechUp; on the contrary, we consider them crucial in advancement of the DCDR advocacy.

TechUp only wishes to ensure that any such partnerships benefit all parties in alignment with its mission.

  • Governments

    • Ministries

    • Related Agencies or otherwise participated companies

  • Foreign Missions or Embassies

  • Supranational organizations

Additionally, any such organizations may propose to support TechUp as Sponsor Partners, in which case The IO Foundation will evaluate the proposal’s suitability following its Funding Policy and properly disclose the result to its community should it be positive.

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