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TechUp offers free capacity-building sessions to anyone interested to learn new skills and support rights-based digital societies.

Focusing on civic tech, TechUp by The IO Foundation aims to build an empowered community spanning various sectors, from tech professionals and corporations to students and volunteers who we hope to serve as advocates of digital rights.

In one packed weekend, there is much to learn and take away from TechUp’s monthly events.

Learn new tech capacities, interpersonal skills and discover fora where you can put your talent to social use.


Become a TechUp Partner

Important Please keep in mind that TechUp is an initiative dedicated to foster collaboration among its community.

Activities that are attempting, in any form or shape, to

  • benefit of free labor by engaging volunteers or

  • evaluate prospect candidates’ performance through their contributions

will be immediately suspended from the community.

Should you detect this situation, please find a TechUp crew member at the Event Support table @The Lounge or contact us.


Techies can provide feedback with this

>> Sleeplan Rating + Feedback.

Propose new Labs, new topics, etc, vote for the ones proposed... Roadmap.

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