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What is it?

The TechUp Lounge is the a space where the TechUp community can interact through sitting around thematic tables which offer in a mini-virtual conference experience.

The Lounge area on Airmeet is where participants get to meet and interact with the TechUp Communityβ€” Speakers, Projects etc. All you have to do is join a table.


Lounge This area offers a number of tables assigned to speakers, projects and others. Participants can also use them to organize spontaneous working groups.

Join the community and sit on a table to participate in the FOSS Sprints, meet your favorite speakers and participate in the Working Groups. You can also participate in networking sessions to meet the community. For more information on timings, check the Schedule.

How to use?

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Default Tables

TechUp Space

Meet & Greet (Event Support)

Provides an easy way for members to reach out to the organization for assistance.

Meet the Speakers

Provides a location to meet the latest Speakers after they finish their session.

TIOF Initiatives

BiT Working Group

Virtual Cafe

A place for all TIOF members to meet and chill for a bit.

PLD Policy Sprints

UDDR Working Group

CrowdShape Working Group

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