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Universal Declaration of Digital Rights
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This website contains the documentation relative to the Universal Declaration of Digital Rights (UDDR) Initiative from The IO Foundation.
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Introduction to the UDDR initiative

The Initiative

The UDDR initiative is a multi-stakeholder initiative promoted by The IO Foundation to promote and achieve the proclamation of a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights.
Building trustworthy technology that protects your Data-Centric Digital Rights.
As core stakeholders, technologists play a critical role as the Next Generation of Rights Defenders and need to orient themselves through new design and implementation paradigms focused on protecting data. The DCDR Principles put forward by The IO Foundation are concepts that help them navigate the intricacies of applying Human and Digital Rights in digital infrastructures, products and services.


The UDDR initiative aims at encouraging a shift in the current technology paradigms by providing
  • a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights comprising
    • a Legal document (L)
    • a Technical document (T)
    • a Data-Centric Digital Rights SDK (DCDR SDK)
  • a DCDR Processing Index
  • a Global DCDR compliance database
  • a strategy for international & national adoption and legislation strategies
  • conversations on the different adoption strategies per stakeholder
  • a strategy for the implementation, adoption, deployment and maintenance phases by the tech sector
  • a roadmap for the above activities

Mission & Vision

While the UDDR initiative is designed in order to support TIOF's mission and to achieve its vision, it nonetheless also formulates its own Mission & Vision.


To provide governments and the tech sector with the necessary tools to design, implement, legislate and govern digital spaces with a focus in the protection it its digital citizens by enabling technologists' role as Next Generation of Rights Defenders.


A world where citizens can concentrate in being responsible digital citizens with the full certainty that their digital spaces are build around the principle of Rights by Design.


The UDDR initiative adheres to the same values as The IO Foundation to deliver its mission.


The UDDR initiative regularly publishes articles, research papers and other documents such as comments on related public consultations and technical standards. Check out UDDR publications.


The UDDR initiative regularly runs working groups, organizes events and participates in international fora where the organization puts forward the initiative with all stakeholders. TIOF's handles all of its events through its TechUp initiative. Check out UDDR events.

Engaged Stakeholders

The advancement of TIOF's DCDR advocacy and the UDDR initiative is made possible with the collaboration of a number of partner and supporting organizations, funders and individual citizens.
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