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This website contains the documentation relative to The IO Foundation and its initiatives.

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Introducing The IO Foundation

The organization

The IO Foundation (TIOF) is a global for-impact NGO born from a fundamental concern about the state of technology in the world and advocating for Data-Centric Digital Rights.

As societies become inevitably digital, their architects and builders need to embrace their fundamental role as the Next Generation of Rights defenders.

There remains, however, a limited international understanding of the true impact of technology on citizens and their digital twins as data becomes an increasingly powerful economic, political and social force.

TIOF aims to raise awareness about the importance of protecting citizens and their data through the observance of Data-Centric Digital Rights. In collaboration with stakeholders ranging from technologists, civil society, academia, bodies of governance and corporate, it works towards achieving the proclamation and adoption of a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights.

The IO Foundation advances its Data-Centric Digital Rights advocacy through the implementation of a number of initiatives.


To promote, protect and provide solutions for Data-Centric Digital Rights.


A world where Human Rights and Data-Centric Digital Rights are one and the same.


The IO Foundation delivers its mission through the observance of the following values:

Community: Data-Centric Digital Rights is a global endeavor that requires the active participation of everyone, from policy makers to citizens, businesses and the people who will architect and build our digital societies.

Accountability: We recognize the critical importance of operating under procedures and methodologies that are transparent in order to generate the necessary trust in the organization, our DCDR Principles and the advocacy at large.

Impact: Our initiatives are designed and implemented only to serve the broader advocacy and to help, step by step, generate practical outcomes that make technology better and safer transparently for citizens.


The IO Foundation regularly publishes articles, research papers and other documents such as comments on public consultations related to its advocacy. Check out TIOF's publications.


The IO Foundation regularly organizes events and participates in international fora where the organization puts forward its advocacy and engages with all stakeholders. TIOF's handles all of its events through its TechUp initiative. Check out TIOF's events.

Engaged Stakeholders

The advancement of TIOF's DCDR advocacy is made possible with the collaboration of a number of partner and supporting organizations, funders and individual citizens.

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