The IO Foundation


This page provides a quick overview of and direct access to The IO Foundation's initiatives.
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The TIOF Initiatives

The IO Foundation advances its Data-Centric Digital Rights advocacy through the implementation of a number of initiatives.


The following diagram provides an overview on how each of the initiatives support each other to advance TIOF's Mission in realizing its Vision.
Advancing the supporting the DCDR advocacy through research and knowledge dissemination.
Supporting the adoption and implementation of the United Nations' Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights in the Tech sector.


Supporting programmers as the Next Generation of Rights defenders for our digital societies.
A platform to support technologists wanting to make and impact and support the growth of the Tech NGO ecosystem by quickly and efficiently bootstrap their own Tech NGO.
A civic tech, interactive platform providing an overview of the state of Human and Digital Rights around the globe by monitoring the impact of governments' policies
Advancing the development, proclamation and adoption of a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights.