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Theory of Change

Version 1.0 | This Theory of Change was approved on DD MMMM YYYY.
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This section describes the Theory of Change that guides The IO Foundation and its impact.

The observed problem

The IO Foundation has observed the following problems:
[Work in Progress]
  • We the people >> We the cyborgs
  • Technology is too complex for citizens and doesn't protect them properly
  • Experts do not have the necessary tools to become the solution we need
  • Citizens should only be expected to be responsible citizens and not hackers
  • Governments are loosing the tech race
  • Innovation is too fast for govs to catch up
  • ​

The proposed solutions

The IO Foundation proposes the following solutions to the observed problems through the implementation of the following initiatives:

Data-Centric Digital Rights advocacy (DCDR)

This is the core initiative for The IO Foundation

BHR in Tech (BiT)


CrowdShape (CS)


TechUp (TU)


Project Lockdown (PLD)


Universal Declaration of Digital Rights (UDDR)

[Work in Progress]


The IO Foundation is constantly exploring new initiatives to further its work towards making technology better and safer.

Theory of change

The IO Foundation proposes the following Theory of Change to address the observed problems.
[Work in Progress]