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Dhatham House Rule

Version 1.1 | This Dhatham House Rule was published on 01 January 2019.
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The DHATHAM v0.5 House Rule, which is an evolution from the CHATHAM House Rule in response to the new digital realities, stipulates:
When a digital interaction, or part of thereof, is held under the DHATHAM House Rule, participants are free to use the information received and to produce digital materials (audio, photos, video) yet neither the identity nor the affiliation of contributors or participants may be revealed, tagged or implied without their expressed consent.
In other words, be considerate and ask for permission before capturing a digital representation of others or posting about them on social media or any other digital medium.


The Dhatam House Rule is a live statement that is open for adaptation and improvements.
To participate in the next iteration of the rule, check the Dhatam House Rule live discussion.