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This document employs terms related to the DCDR Advocacy that can be found in the TIOF terminology.

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About this document

This document, hereinafter the Policy, sets out the position maintained by TIOF in matters of Funding that you will need to be aware of while being a TIOF Member. You should familiarize yourself with it and comply with it at all times. Any questions you may have with regard to its contents or what you have to do to comply with it should be referred to your corresponding Team Human Resources Manager.

Any Member who breaches this Policy will face disciplinary action, which could result in dismissal for gross misconduct. Any non-employee who breaches this Policy may have their contract (or equivalent official relationship with TIOF) terminated with immediate effect.

This document complements TIOF's Code of Conduct.

This document does not form part of any Engagement Document and we may amend it at any time following the procedures described in TIOF's Statute.


This document directly applies to:

This document indirectly applies to:

The policies set out in this document apply to all TIOF Members unless otherwise indicated. They therefore apply to Members of the Boards (Directors, Advisers, Consultants), Employees, Volunteers and Interns; this is irrespective of their engagement type. They equally apply to all Contributors and will be used as part of the selection criteria when engaging with them.

This Policy applies within all TIOF Spaces, including (although not limited to) management activities, contributions or events; it and also applies when an individual is officially representing the organization in public spaces. Examples of representing the organization include (although not limited to) using an official e-mail address, posting via any official channel or acting as an appointed representative at an event.

Review and Amendments This policy shall be reviewed regularly to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness. Amendments may be made to adapt to new legal requirements, changing circumstances or to better serve the organization's Mission.

Policy details

Funding statement

The IO Foundation is an independent entity, making decisions and operating without undue influence from external parties. All funding strategies and acceptance of funds will always be determined by its own internal mechanisms and align with its Mission, Vision, values and organizational goals. The IO Foundation unequivocally asserts that it does not, and shall not, welcome nor accept any form of external influence in its funding matters.

The provisions described in this policy must comply at all times with The IO Foundation's Finance Policy.

NOTE: Funding refers here to INCOMING FUNDING as well as INTERNAL ALLOCATION of the funds.


The IO Foundation firmly upholds a policy of non-interference, ensuring that external influence is categorically unwelcome and will not be entertained.


The IO Foundation will accept only currencies listed in its Financial Policy.

Funding streams

The IO Foundation accepts funding from a variety of sources, or streams, consistent with its mission and values. The following are recognized types of funding:




Financial support received from foundations, government entities or other organizations typically designated for specific projects or initiatives.



Monetary or in-kind contributions provided voluntarily by individuals, corporations or institutions without expectation of direct return.



Raising small amounts of money from a large number of people, typically via the Internet.


Products & Services

Revenue generated from the provision of services and products that align with the organization's mission and expertise.



Funds matched by another party, often in response to funds raised through other means.


I. Introduction The IO Foundation (TIOF) is an independent organization that values transparency, integrity, and the pursuit of excellence in all its activities. This Funding Policy outlines the principles and procedures that govern the acquisition and management of funds by TIOF.

II. Independence TIOF reiterates its status as an independent entity. The organization's strategic direction, operational decisions, and governance are determined by its own internal policies, bylaws, and guiding principles, without external influence.


Conditions on Funding

To preserve TIOF's independence and to align with our ethical standards:

  1. No Strings Attached: All donations and grants are received on the basis that they come without strings attached. Funding will not dictate TIOF's activities, research outcomes, or advocacy positions.

  2. Background Checks: TIOF reserves the right to conduct due diligence and background checks on the sources of funding to ensure alignment with our values and to prevent reputational risk.

  3. Compliance with Laws: All donations and funding arrangements are subject to the strict respect of applicable local and international laws. TIOF will not engage in or endorse activities that contravene such legal requirements.

V. Income Declaration TIOF is committed to full compliance with fiscal responsibilities. All income, irrespective of its nature, shall be declared to the corresponding authorities in accordance with relevant tax laws and financial regulations.


By adhering to this Funding Policy, TIOF ensures that its financial practices remain beyond reproach, supporting a sustainable and principled approach to achieving its long-term objectives.



Review and Amendments This policy shall be reviewed regularly to ensure its continued relevance and effectiveness. Amendments may be made to adapt to new legal requirements, changing circumstances or to better serve the organization's Mission.

Funding Policy of The IO Foundation (TIOF)

Version 1.0

1. Introduction

This Funding Policy outlines the principles and practices of The IO Foundation (TIOF) regarding the acquisition and management of funds. TIOF is an independent organization committed to transparency, legal compliance, and ethical standards in all its funding activities.

2. Independence

TIOF is an independent entity, making decisions and operating without undue influence from external parties. Our funding strategies and acceptance of funds align with our mission, values, and organizational goals.

4. Donations Without Strings Attached

All donations received by TIOF come with no strings attached. Donors do not gain influence over TIOF's decision-making processes, policies, or operations. TIOF maintains full autonomy in its use of donated funds, ensuring alignment with its mission and objectives.

5. Background Checks on Donations

TIOF reserves the right to conduct background checks on significant donations to ensure alignment with our ethical standards and values. This process is to safeguard TIOF from associations that might compromise its integrity, reputation, or values.

6. Compliance with Applicable Laws

All donations and funding sources are accepted under the strict respect and adherence to applicable laws and regulations. TIOF is committed to legal compliance in all jurisdictions where it operates.

7. Declaration of Income

TIOF declares all income to the corresponding authorities as required by law. This includes, but is not limited to, income from donations, grants, sales of services and products, and any other funding sources. TIOF is committed to financial transparency and accountability.

8. Review and Amendments

This policy is subject to periodic review and may be amended as necessary to reflect changes in legal requirements, funding environment, or organizational priorities.

Funding Evaluation Process

All funding will have to comply with:

  • Not being in conflict with TIOF's Mission & Vision

  • Not being in conflict with any provision in its Code of Conduct

  • Not being in conflict with any provisions in this policy

Minimum grant amounts:

Minimum of grant amount vs time to be invested

Evaluation Form

All funding opportunities need to be evaluated according to the Funding Evaluation Form.

See Resource Allocation Handbook.


All payment gateway platforms are to include

  • Terms and Conditions

  • Privacy Policy


TIOF receives funds through grants, donations, registration fees during activities and income from services.

From Operations Manual

  • Grant Application

All grant applications must be entered into only by the Chief Executive Officer deliberated in the Executive Secretariat and in the Board of Directors.

Projects must be responsive to TIOF’s key focus which is Digital Rights and leads to the Foundation’s vision.

  • Funding Source

TIOF refuses to receive grants from organizations, companies or individuals who are directly linked to businesses involving alcohol, illegal drugs, tobacco and extractive industries that are harmful to the environment. As well as any other activities declared as illegal in each of the country networks.

  • Funds Management

Projects must be adequately funded to ensure effective implementation.

To ensure efficient funds management, refer to TIOF Financial Control Guidelines.

  1. Organization Bank Account

TIOF shall maintain an organization bank account for the safekeeping of TIOF funds.

The signatory for this bank account shall be any two of the following:

Chairman of the Board + BoD Treasurer; President + Chairman of the Board; or BoD + President

All fund disbursement must be validated by the Finance Manager based on the project plan prepared by the Project Manager / Officer as approved by the Program Manager and further signed off by the Chief Executive Officer.

In the absence of a Board of Directors, as it is now for TIOF, a newly founded organization by a single visionary, the current CEO and founder, Jean F. Queralt shall be the single signatory of the bank account. The respective accounting procedure based on project management shall still apply.

TIOF shall maintain a revolving fund of not less than 1000 USD equivalent in local currency which shall be under the responsibility of the CEO and shall be reviewed quarterly by the Finance Manager.

  1. Project Bank Account

A separate bank account shall be opened for specific projects if required by the donor.

Each project will have a corresponding petty cash allocation of not greater than 250 USD equivalent in local currency or unless otherwise approved by the CEO. Petty Cash will be under the accountability of the Project Officer or the Project Assistant.

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