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A note on localization Each document may have been translated into different languages. Check the Language Marker in the file name. Structure
This is the general document, which establishes the global guidelines of Comms in the whole organization.
Project-Specific SOP Each Project has its own guidelines/SOP that are to be followed on top of the Global Guidelines and establish particular parameters that only apply to that Project.
Adding new presence platforms Update the corresponding document (section “List of platforms”)

Tone & Voice

Content Guidelines
As Project Lockdown begins outreach to its target audience, it’s important for the voice and tone of the PL’s social media presence to be consistent and accurately convey the project’s values and objectives.
What is Voice?
“...voice is the purposeful, consistent expression of a brand through words and prose styles that engage and motivate. It’s true: The personality of your brand is determined, in large measure, by the words you use and the sentences you write.”
Target Audience
The target audience consists of users searching for clarity, objectivity, and reliability. The voice of PL on any platform should respond to these goals.

Voice & Tone
The voice of Project Lockdown remains the same, while the tone can change a bit depending on the subject matter being addressed. To avoid confusing messaging, the following is what PL should not sound like, no matter the context:
Playful: The subject matter of PL is serious, and social media communications should respect this. Witty: PL aims to provide information and empower users through knowledge - there’s no need to infuse messages with superfluous personality that doesn’t add to this objective. Persuasive: PL is a neutral, bi-partisan platform and it’s crucial that social media communications make this clear.
When writing for Project Lockdown, we should sound:
Helpful and responsive, but not overly personal Objective and matter-of-fact, but not cold or curt Honest and clear, but not blunt or robotic
For Example:
Helpful and Responsive
Tweet this: Project Lockdown has updated the platform with several new features based on user feedback: (list features).
Not this: Hurray! New features are up on Project Lockdown, check it out.
Objective and Matter-of-Fact
Tweet this: The latest data compiled shows a number of countries in Asia scaling back on COVID-19 lockdown measures including China, where the virus was first reported.
Not this: Should China have scaled back lockdown measures so soon? Data shows restrictions already being lifted in the pandemic’s epicenter city of Wuhan.
Honest and Clear
Tweet this: South Africa, Nigeria, and Kenya have implemented martial law in the past 36 hours.
Not this: Increased restrictions are being reported in Africa.

Twitter Best Practices
“Brands come to Twitter to be what people are talking about right now. And because people are in a discovery mindset when they’re on Twitter, your brand or business is likely to leave a lasting impression.”
Twitter is an ideal platform for communicating concise, relevant content to users in an approachable way that allows for maximum user engagement. To best utilize Twitter for Project Lockdown, we want to keep the following Do’s in mind:
Post consistent, relevant information Write out abbreviations. Ex. NPIs (Non-pharmaceutical Interventions) Respond in a timely matter to user questions or comments Incorporate the PL voice in each Tweet and response Tweet like you speak to others in a professional context to avoid being overly robotic or personal Always link to relevant information on the PL site Clarify questions or information when needed and redirect potentially biased responses to neutral data sources
Respond in a confrontational manner to user questions or comments Use confusing jargon or terminology without elaborating or clarifying Link tweets to unverified or potentially unreliable information Ignore communications regarding the potential in inaccuracy of information on the product: PL is open to suggestions and corrections Infuse tweets with the personality of the individual tweeting or replying Use emojis or humorous GIFs

Style Guide
To ensure consistent and clear copy, adhere to the following grammar mechanics and best practices:
Basic Rules
Use active voice instead of passive Be mindful of all users, who have varying prior knowledge and come from different backgrounds Keep it simple and consistent Maintain a neutral, unbiased voice

Pass to Dooly Playbooks


  • Register data
  • Create necessary media, store in its own Channel folder in Repository > Project Identity
  • Always use the main account to be the Owner of the account.
  • Create Shortlink (@@@See Handbook)
  • Add Shortlink to AboutUs (@@@See Handbook)
  • Create corresponding Media Channel Procedures Wiki page when necessary (@@@See Handbook)

Official Channels


Channel Types

Internal communications (PubInt)

Public communications (PubCom)

HR Communications (HRCom)

Presentation Materials

  • Organization in the TIOF Network
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  • Introduction to audiences
    • Presentations [Slides]
      • A repository of slides + ShortURL
      • [{ORG} {INITIATIVE}] Comms [I] Slides Repository {LANG} {VERSION}
      • https://TIOF.Click/{ORG/INITIATIVE}SlidesRepo

      • A general introductory presentation + ShortURL
    • [{ORG} {INITIATIVE}] Comms [P] {ORG} Organization Presentation {LANG} {VERSION}
    • [{ORG} {INITIATIVE}] Comms [P] {INITIATIVE} Initiative Presentation {LANG} {VERSION}

    • https://TIOF.Click/{ORG/INITIATIVE}Presentation

    • Presentations [Video]

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