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As a representative of Project Lockdown, Members enjoy the opportunity to participate in events. We do this through sessions in which we participate as well as events that we organize ourselves. This comes with the unavoidable responsibility of behaving in a way that respects the TIOF Internal Code of Conduct and also to “label” themselves adequately.
The following are nomenclature guidelines to follow by all Members participating in an event while representing Project Lockdown.
[TIOF PLD] {Name}
Indicate your position in the organization or project team.
For instance:
Program Manager
Team UXUI Coordinator
(avoid using “member”)
Organization naming
Your organization naming will depend on which organization unit you are attached.
  • If you are a member of TIOF
The IO Foundation
  • If you are a member of Project Lockdown
[TIOF] Project Lockdown

General structure for sessions

Events organized by TIOF / Project Lockdown

Events organized by 3rd Parties

Submitting session proposals

g0v Summit
Project Lockdown: Using data to assess the impact on human and digital rights as a result of Covid-19 related Government measures
Human and digital rights have been greatly impacted by the various Covid-19 related measures that governments around the globe have implemented. Project Lockdown provides a mapping platform and an open API to explore and better understand the effects on people's rights within a territory, and importantly across territories over time. This panel discussion explores the deep ramifications of government policies across populations, the differences and anomalies in implementations and how our tools provide precise, time-sensitive snapshots that can be used for advocacy and awareness-raising, and ultimately to hold government policy makers to account. In relation to human and digital rights, we will identify positive deviants and contrast the often stringent sudden 'lockdown' measures with the gradual phased approach to easing of measures, and subsequent knee-jerk re-implementations.
Bread & Net

PLD Proposal

Stimulating citizen awareness and action for rights during a global crisis
Format: Workshop
Language: English
Duration: 90 minutes
  1. 1.
    Ruha Thurairatnam (Project Manager)
  2. 2.
    Julie Green (Research Coordinator)
  3. 3.
    Jean F. Queralt (Global Coordinator)
The speakers will present Project Lockdown’s mapping platform and how to use it and will share demos of future developments and features. We will also take some time to hear from the audience and to discuss strategies for how you might use the platform, and what you might want from the platform to support your own work.
We hope to offer our curated data on government measures in response to the COVID-19 pandemic for use by human rights and media organizations in the region. We would also like to explore potential collaborations with organizations in the region to further develop a dataset layer on contact-tracing apps and digital surveillance.

Preparing participation

Event Workspace
Assess who can attend
Assess needs from Teams
Establish tasks
If the organizers have Slack workspace:
  • Join
  • Create a project channel
  • Invite Coordinators
  • Invite rest of Members as per assessment
  • Identify channels where we should have presence
Make sure necessary Issues are created and TAGGED.

Session materials

Switch from text intensive to Image-intensive
User PLD templated Google Slides
Slides prepared must come with NOTES
Prepare a backup replacement in your team
Slides to be approved by Comms & PM
Prepare fillers for
  • Extra time
  • Silences
Prepare audience infiltratio
  • Questions for Q&A that WE want to answer
To change in current slides:
  • MORE CLARITY on the Rights orientation
  • Synopsys of MOTIVATION
Break monotony ->
Audience participation

Events promotion

AFTER the event

Post summary on website
Thank the organizers
Post on SocMed

Finding Events

Distribute participation in different fora
Ask Team Coordinators which events they would like to participate into.