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Project Identity

This document defines all the necessary elements that conform TIOF's Project Identity at large. It is a reference document to which all TIOF productions, internal and external, need to refer and adhere. For any doubts, please contact Team Comms.
Note: The Media Kit is a subset of the Project Identity, focusing on productions that are generated for external outreach.
Some working content to be moved here:
See reference document:


Montserrat, Calibri(?)
Website data: DESKTOP TEXT (General - Apply at ROW level) Text 12px Line Height 20px Letter spacing 1px Note: Some pages will have their own custom settings as needed.

Main folder

GH Repository:
Google Drive: [TIOF] Repository/Project Identity

QR Codes


  • Configuration
Config 1
Config 2
You can Copy & Paste the following values:
Foreground Color #4E5056
Eye Color #66B5C5 #F79552
Background Color #FFFFFF
Config 3
Add corresponding logo
Config 4
Select corresponding options
  • Set Quality to MAX (2000x2000 px)
  • Download ALL formats (PNG, EPS, SVG, PDF)
  • Name following TIOF’s file naming format. [TIOF] Comms [P] {Object} QR Code XXX v{version}

Channel-specific information


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