Consultation is one optional phase of TIOF's productions lifecycle.

The IO Foundation is opening a comments phase for its Policy Brief on BHR in Tech for the Malaysian National Action Plan (NAP). The invited parties are those who shown interest by joining us to in our latest event where the document was presented and discussed as well as a selected group of individuals.

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Hey Big Tech!

How to participate

  • Use the Comments tool to share your thoughts.

  • We will review your inputs and decide which ones make sense in the context of our DCDR Framework and the Malaysian NAP.

  • Should your inputs be included in the document and your name will be added as collaborator.

  • Should your inputs not be included we will do our best to articulate the reasons that lead to that decision.

  • Please consider that in any case The IO Foundation will need to make the final decision as we will have to defend the Policy Brief upon the group working on the NAP.


Timeline Beginning of the comments: 7th October at reception of this email

End of comments: 14th of October @ 18:00

Finalizing of Policy Brief: 16th of October

Submission to BEEU, SUHAKAM and UNDP: 17th of October

Submission to further relevant parties: 24th of October and onwards


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