🚧 [TIOF] Procedures [I] Planning trips SOP notes v1.0

Initial considerations

Planning your schedule

Your journey may be taking you to a location with a different time zone. Planning a schedule under those circumstances can be challenging.

Here are some best practices to ensure your activities are properly arranged.

In Google Calendar, it is possible to see 2 different time zones at the same time:

  • The Primary Time Zone, which formats your calendar events on screen.

  • The Secondary Time Zone, which will give you a sense of the equivalent time at destination.

Set Primary and Secondary time zones

Go to G Cal Settings - Time Zone

Select the appropriate Primary and Secondary

(If you have doubts locating the zones, use tools such as www.timeanddate.com)

Select β€œDisplay Secondary time zone”

Label the time zones as you see fit.

Select β€œAsk to update my Primary time zone to current location”

This will create 2 hour lines on the left of your calendar. You can then see how each event happens in both time zones.

When planning:

Force the use of the destination’s time zone by clicking on the β€œreverse arrows” you’ll see at the right side of the time zone labels.

This will force your calendar to readapt your schedule as if you were at the destination. It will make things much easier for you to look at your calendar from the time as you’ll experience it there.

Do all your general events management. If you have any doubt about how to do this, please consult the β€œCalendar management SOP for TIOF”. @@@

Once you are done with arranging your schedule, you can force back your Primary time zone by clicking again on the β€œreverse arrows”.

Safety considerations


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