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This Handbook responds to the following Policies:
  • Date & Time Management


This document describes the tools used by TIOF members to manage their schedule, meetings and other time-related activities.

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General Structure (Outdated)


Regular meetings

For practical reasons, the deadline is established on recurrent 3rd Friday of the month.
This should provide ample margin to all TIOF Members to set their own schedule.
>> Compliant with Policy number XXX


The following are a list of platform and tools that TIOF Members have access to for their time management.

Google Calendar

  • Used by individuals to store and reflect a member’s schedule.
  • Used by Department and Teams to reflect collective activities
  • Used to Intranet@TIOF to publish global organization activities
  • Used to Intranet@Project to publish global project activities
  • Used by Contact to publish public activities
Find infrastructure information about this platform here.
Task: Blue
Red: Deadline
Purple: Guest schedule and details


Used to
  • Offer booking calendars


Converts any entry on Google Calendar into an alarm automatically.

Performing Bookings

Checking directly on a TIOF Member's calendar

Check some other member’s or Team calendar Every TIOF calendar is available INSIDE the organization (it can never be shared publicly to non-members).
How to proceed? Add the corresponding calendar with + and subscribe. Use the user’s account email or the specific calendar ID (see reference list).
What can I see? In general, you will only be able to see the free/bus status of a calendar, not the details. If you are a member of a particular event you will be able to see all the available information.

Suggested browser add-ons

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