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This Handbook responds to the following Policies:
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Table of Contents

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    TIOF general Dev Guidelines
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    Project Lockdown specific Dev Guidelines
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    Additional information

Project Organization

General considerations


Projects in TIOF use Milestones to establish relevant deadlines in order to structure their implementation.
Milestones are created and maintained by:
  • TIOF Management
  • Project Managers
Milestones are organized in 2 levels:
  • Organization-wide These Milestones apply across all the organization and are to be observed mainly by TIOF's organization core as well as Project Managers.
  • Project-wide These Milestones apply specifically to a given TIOF Project and are to be observed by all Project's Teams.

GitHub Issues

  • Templates
  • Labels
  • Pinned Issues
When creating a new Feature
  • Create a Root Issue
  • List all subtasks as Tasks Markdown)
  • Create the necessary Issues for each task and populate them with the necessary information as per template.
  • Add the Issue # to the Root Issue (@@@ Look into automating this. Should be doable.)
Pull Requests
  • Templates


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