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This website contains the documentation relative to the CrowdShape Initiative from The IO Foundation.

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The Initiative

The CrowdShape (CS) initiative intends to be a model for crowd collaboration based on transparent processes and accountable management. It is aimed at enabling technologists to start and run their own tech NGOs by providing familiar tools to enable the collaboration and reward of participants, attracting talent and financial support.

This initiative is a Work in Progress. This website will be update as its development advances.

The CrowdShape initiative is designed to support The IO Foundation's Data-Centric Digital Rights (DCDR) advocacy by enabling technologists to take a more direct role in civil society. In doing so, they would be better positioned to support governments in the adoption of protective technology and monitor the affected policies.

As core stakeholders, technologists play a critical role as the Next Generation of Rights Defenders and need to orient themselves through new design and implementation paradigms focused on protecting data. The DCDR Principles put forward by The IO Foundation are concepts that help them navigate the intricacies of applying Human and Digital Rights in digital infrastructures, products and services.


The CrowdShape initiative aims at encouraging technologists to start and run their own tech NGOs by

  • providing an easy platform, composed by familiar tools, to start an NGO

  • to minimize the time and financial resources required to start and run the NGO

  • to maximize funding support by maximizing transparency and accountability

  • to leverage external support by building collaboration at the core

Mission & Vision

While the CrowdShape initiative is designed in order to support TIOF's mission and to achieve its vision, it nonetheless also formulates its own Mission & Vision.


To provide technologist with an easy, familiar set of tools to start their own NGOs.


A world where technologists have taken their necessary space in civil society inside digital spaces.


The CrowdShape initiative adheres to the same values as The IO Foundation to deliver its mission.


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[Work in Progress]

Engaged Stakeholders

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