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This section provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions concerning the Project Lockdown initiative.
🔸 Q: Do you have any information brochure?
A: Yes, you can find it here. @@@

On the Project Lockdown Initiative

🔸 Q: How would you define your initiative in a nutshell?
A: Project Lockdown is a global Rights observatory dedicated to ensuring your Rights remain unlocked.
🔸 Q: The What, Why and How in a nutshell
A: What: We wish to inspire and enable both citizens and organizations to become agents of change by understanding and actively participating in the processes that make Human and Digital Rights an achievable reality.
Why: Because we come from the premise that Rights are a valuable mechanism that ensures a more humane development of societies and recognize that collective and individual efforts must be undertaken to ensure that they are properly observed equally around the world.
How: Project Lockdown maps thematic policies worldwide based on their potential impact on Human and Digital Rights. We offer the information in the shape of an interactive map and an Open Data API.
🔸 **Q: What do you hope to achieve with this project? **
A: To ensure citizens' Rights by monitoring government policies and ensure their transparency and accountability in their duties of care.
🔸 Q: Do you have information about your team?
A: Project Lockdown is an initiative of The IO Foundation, mainly composed by highly engaged volunteers from all over the world. You can find more information here.
🔸 Q: Do you have any information brochure?
A: Yes, you can find it here. @@@
🔸 Q: Do you have an introductory video?
A: Yes, you can find it here. @@@
🔸 Q: Do you have a Comms Kit / Media Kit / Press Kit?
A: Yes, you can find it here.
🔸 Q: Which Rights do you monitor?
A: Project Lockdown is committed to ensure the observance of both Human and Digital Rights, based on well established international treaties.
Examples of these are:
  • The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR)
  • The UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UN GP BHR)
As the platform grows, we will incorporate more of them.
🔸 Q: Who can join Project Lockdown?
A: Anyone who has a passion for protecting Digital and Human Rights can be a part of Project Lockdown! By volunteering with us, you can help create a positive impact in the global conversation on Human and Digital Rights.
During your time in the project, you will:
  • Become a member of a global team making possible a unique project
  • Learn more about Human and Digital Rights
  • Receive training in relevant areas according to their assigned responsibilities, ranging from project management, development tools, design concepts and many more.
🔸 **Q: How can I join Project Lockdown? **
A: To join Project Lockdown, please visit our list of position descriptions in our project repository where you can find all of our needs and the next steps. @@@
🔸 Q: Can my organization partner with you in the Internship Program?
A: By all means! Please reach out to us through this form.

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