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Sample Agreement

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About this Agreement

This agreement, hereinafter The Agreement, is to be subscribed between
The IO Foundation as the host of the TechUp initiative,
hereinafter TechUp
with official email
TechUp Email
hereinafter TechUp Email
hereinafter The Customer
with official email
Customer Email
hereinafter Customer Email
hereinafter collectively called The Parties
The Parties agree to the following relevant information:
Use of the Airmeet platform
hereinafter The Use
Activities Activities
hereinafter The Activities
Content duration
Content duration
hereinafter The Content Duration
Audience in PAX
hereinafter The Audience
Speakers in PAX
hereinafter The Speakers
The Parties agree on the following relevant dates:
Configuration Info Template Submission
hereinafter The CITS Date
Configuration Info Client Submission
hereinafter The CICS Date
Platform Setup Deadline
PSD Date
hereinafter The PSD Date
Training Session
TS Date
hereinafter The TS Date
Payment Date
hereinafter The Payment Date
Start of Event
SOE Date
hereinafter The SoE Date
End of Event
EOE Date
hereinafter The EoE Date
Event Accessible Until
EAU Date
hereinafter The EAU Date
The Parties agree upon the following pricing, hereinafter The Pricing:
Platform price
Platform Price
hereinafter The Platform Price
Additional Audience Price
Additional Audience Price
hereinafter The AA Price
Booth price
Booth Price
hereinafter The Booth Price
Booth setup Price
Booth Setup Price
hereinafter The BS Price
Hour of work Price
Hour of work Price
hereinafter The HoW Price
which will be settled respecting the following payment conditions
Payment Conditions
hereinafter The Payment Conditions
For the Customer Community Representative Name Community Representative Title Community Representative Signature
For TechUp (The IO Foundation) TechUp Representative Name TechUp Representative Title TechUp Representative Signature
signed on the
Signature Date
hereinafter The Signature Date

Terms of the Agreement

1. About this Agreement

1.1 Both Parties enter voluntarily this Agreement with the intention of TechUp providing number of Services and The Customer receiving said Services.
Both Parties agree on the Pricing in its entirety.
1.2 This Agreement will enter in effect immediately from the Signature Date and until the EAU Date.
1.3 This Agreement can be made void by any of the parties with a prior notice of 1 month to be notified officially through email to TechUP at Techup Email.
By signing this Agreement, the Parties agree to comply with all the Terms.


Customer is allowed to use its own branding to configure the Instance and in any promotion campaign.
All promotions will have to include the “Powered by TechUp” logo, which TechUp will provide.

Commercialization and Subletting / Reselling

Customer can sell access to the Instance, for which it will use its own payment gateway, at the price of its choosing and shall keep all the proceedings.
Customer is authorized to sell virtual booths to other organizations, hereinafter The Vendors.
The Customer may charge at its sole discretion for this service to the Vendor.
The Customer shall pay TechUp for each virtual booth in accordance to the Pricing.
TechUp is allowed to refer Audience and Vendors if it deems it necessary and/or beneficial.

2. Services

Nature of Services

TechUp provides event hosting services through the Airmeet platforms, hereinafter The Platform.
The Customer has expressed interest in using its own instance of the Platform, hereinafter The Instance.
The Customer will Use the Platform solely for the Activities and in accordance to the Terms of this Agreement.

Features available in the Instance

The Customer will have access in its Instance to all the features that TechUp has over the Platform.
The Customer will be given a virtual booth for its use.

Management of the Instance

TechUp shall fully manage the Instance, taking responsibility for its Configuration and starting sessions or conferring Co-Host status to the corresponding Speaker when necessary.
TechUp shall also take care of managing its own virtual booth.

2.1 Setup of the Instance

2.1.1 Upon signature of this Agreement, TechUp will prepare a Configuration Template detailing all the information necessary to configure the Platform that will be sent to the customer on CITS Date.
2.1.2 Customer will submit all the Configuration information, hereinafter The Configuration, to TechUp no later than CICS Date. Failure to comply with the above will incur in the same delay of days to be added to PSD Date.
TechUp will configure the Instance in accordance to the Configuration no later than PSD Date. Failure to comply with the above will incur in the Penalties.
Once the Instance delivered, the Customer may request small touch-ups that won't exceed 2h of work. Any further touch up time will be charged as per HoW Price.
Booth configuration will be the responsibility of the Booth’s owner. The Customer may take upon this responsibility should that be agreed with the Vendor. TechUp may take upon this responsibility in accordance to the Pricing

Outreach and Promotion

Customer will be responsible for all marketing involved with the Instance.
TechUp is allowed to promote the Instance and reference it on its reports.
In accordance to xxx. any such promotions will carry the "Powered by TechUp" logo.
TechUp will have a booth in the Instance that will be entirely managed by it. The booth will serve as passive promotion for TechUp.
The IO Foundation will have a booth in the Instance that will be entirely managed by it. The booth will serve as passive promotion for The IO Foundation.


The Customer will ensure that the Speakers attend the Training Sessions.
The Customer will ensure that Speakers attend on time (10 minutes before the session) to receive their co-host status.

Data privacy and compliance

TechUp will not use the data of the Audience for any purpose (commercial or otherwise) except the necessary for the correct execution of the Services in the Instance.
All Parties will be responsible for the manipulation of the Audience's data in their possession and this in accordance to the applicable legislation.
TechUp provides a reference CoC. Customer may it or resort to its own custom CoC, which will need to be provided as part of the Configuration.
Customer will be responsible to enforce the Instance’s CoC. TechUp shall not be responsible for any breach of CoC.


TechUp will provide Analytics to Customer on a monthly basis. Ad-hoc will be possible under reasonable circumstances.

Instance's Lifecycle

The Instance will be managed according to the following lifecycle:
  • Creation and Configuration
    Upon Payment and until PSD Date
  • Event Started and running
    From SoE date to EoE date
  • Event finalized and accessible for replay
    From EoE date to EAU date
  • Event archived
    From EAU onwards

Additional Services

Customer may want to use the following additional services for the purpose of marketing or to provide extra value to its Audience.
Digital Certificates
RM5 per PAX
Consult with TechUp
n8n / Pabbly / Integromat / IFFT
Consult with TechUp
SocMed automation
Consult with TechUp
Consult with TechUp
RM5 per URL
Custom videos
Consult with TechUp