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For API Endpoints documentation, please refer to this Stoplight page: API
For UXUI technical information as well as other diagrams, please refer to this Figma board: MAP

Project Lockdown: Mapping Platform module

Table of Contents

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    About this module
  2. 2.
    The module in Project Lockdown
  3. 3.
    General overview of the module
  4. 4.
    Accessing the module
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    • 3.1 Localization
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    • 3.1 Territories
    • 3.2 Regions
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About this module

The Mapping Platform (MAP) module offers an accessible representation of the data in Project Lockdown. It provides:
  • An interactive map where DataSet Layers (DSL) are presented
  • A StatsBox (SB) with contextual information valuable to the DSL
  • A Time Slider (TS) to navigate through the DSL across time
  • A Territory Detail Overlay (TDO) that showcases all the DSL data points organized by categories + a report view of them
  • A Search box (S) to locate specific territories
  • A Tab Menu (TB) that contains all the specific information of the DSL, from methodology to information on each data point
  • A simple QueryString controlled interface that allows to customize the final user experience and embed the MAP in any other website
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The module in Project Lockdown

The following diagram showcases how this Module integrates in the project:
MAP Module Diagram
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General overview of the module

The following diagram showcases the general design of the MAP module:
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Accessing the module

To access the MAP, please visit (Status: DEPLOYED - To be converted into
The MAP offers the possibility of using regional TLDs in order to customize the landing area in an easy, intuitive manner according to Project Lockdown's regions.
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The open GitHub Issues can be found here:
Pending tasks (Labels: Module: MAP + Stage: Ready)
Tasks in progress (Labels: Module: MAP + Stage: In Progress)
Upcoming tasks that are being prepared (Labels: Module: MAP + Stage: Not Ready)
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See Territories policy


Project Lockdown aims to empower local communities and has designed the whole platform with localization as a core objective and it does so by providing access to the mapping platform through different regional TLDs and a range of languages to experience the interface.
Available TLDs (per Region)
TLD areas on desktop
TLD areas on mobile
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The mapping interface has also been designed so that it can be embedded in other websites and allowing a full customization of the user interface to integrate seamlessly with its host environment. Examples can be seen in our sample page of TLDs and embedding options.
Note: The full list and description of parameters will be published soon.
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