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    Transparency & Accountability
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    Data & Privacy

Transparency & Accountability

Project Lockdown operates under the principles of Transparency and Accountability. All efforts are made to ensure:
  • Citing all the sources used to codify all data points
  • Access to all the database both in raw (Data Entry Interface) and processed formats (Mapping Platform + API)
  • Provide a method to allow external users to flag potentially incorrect data
  • Provide a deliberation platform to resolve flagged information
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Deciding with zones of the planet to consider is a sensitive matter. Oftentimes, even the use of the term country can generate conflict. Many territories live under very different political realities and levels of acceptance by governments and international bodies.
Project Lockdown is an independent, nonpartisan, civic tech initiative. It does not intend to make political statements and only hopes to shed light over the consequences of worldwide policies that may affect Human and Digital Rights. In the interest of information, the list of territories contemplated is solely based on:
  • Whether the territory has an assigned ISO Alpha 3 code
  • Whether the territory has an assigned UN LOCODE identifier
  • Whether information used in a specific Dataset Layer is been extracted from a 3rd party API (such as Reported COVID-19 cases) that filters territories by their ISO Alpha 3 code or equivalent
In short, if a piece of Earth has an ISO Alpha 3 code or an UN LOCODE identifier, it will be included in Project Lockdown.
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Regions are the geographical demarcations into which Project Lockdown divides planet Earth. They represent areas of interest that group territories to facilitate the access to the information and are defined by the triplet _Latitude _+ Longitude + _Zoom _as described below. While Project Lockdown generally follows ISOs's Continent Code (CC), it also incorporates some extra areas to improve the representation of areas that otherwise would be too crowded.
Project Lockdown Regions as of 3rd October 2020. @@@PENDING
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Project Lockdown aspires at ensuring transparency and accountability in the information it reflects. As a result, it exclusively identifies and collects information from the following sources:
  • Official Pronouncements Any official publication, statement, press release or documents of similar nature issued by an officially recognizable and identifiable branch of a territory's body of governance. These documents, identified by their URL, need to be hosted by an official website or official social media account from said body of governance.
  • Media [Work In Progress] At times, governments may implement resolutions that are not reflected properly in official pronouncements. In such cases, it is materially impossible to obtain a government source while just as it is impossible to deny the observable reality. Reporting is then left to the media, which can take a number of different approaches as to how to represent said reality. As a result, Project Lockdown is currently determining its policy to include media outlets to serve as a verifiable, trustworthy and accountable source.
  • Others [Work In Progress]
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Data & Privacy

Project Lockdown does not collect any data from its users. All information from any project member shown anywhere in the application is under their prior consent.
Please note that in some instances people may see their personal safety (and of those around them) in jeopardy by participating in initiatives such as Project Lockdown. As a result, some of our team members prefer to remain anonymous. There are of course many reasons why they may wish to do so and we respect their decision.

Cookies Policy

Active efforts are made to eliminate completely the use of cookies and favor the more privacy-oriented HTML Web Storage.
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