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Happens @ the Booths


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What are they?

Booths are virtual spaces used by the Community to

The are the equivalent of a exhibitor stall in an offline event.

where the TechUp Community to interact with exhibitors one-one on tables and encourage exhibitors to put up stalls at your event to generate leads.

Getting there:

Use the navigation menu to select the Booths section.

Booths This area presents with a series of booths hosting each of the projects available during the weekend as well as a collection of organizations providing pro bono services to Open Source projects and Civil Society or other equivalent type of support.

Find organizations that may support your FOSS project or your civil society organization.

How to use them?

Booths - Find opportunities

  • Meet organizations that support FOSS project and CSOs

  • Find all the details from the featured FOSS projects

  • Learn about The IO Foundation’s projects


Showcase Communities or Organizations

Showcase Events

Showcase Surveys?

As part of the tools made available to you, you will be provided with a private booth.

What can you do with your booth?

Customize it for at your own preference Receive visitors and engage with them Run your own presentations Provide


Booths are organized with Tags that the participants can use to filter for a more convenient navigation of Booths area. In your case, the Tags will be: Community

Tips: When booth managers are in the booth their profile pictures are displayed in the booth card. This will increase the likelihood of a visit. When a booth starts a broadcast: Participants that have expressed their interest will receive a notification A LIVE icon will be visible in the booth card

Dressing up your booth

Configuring your booth is done in 2 steps:

TechUp team

We will initially create your booth, for which we will need:

Your team

You will finish the booth’s configuration

Booth managers will receive an email with a magic link to configure all these.

IMPORTANT The deadline to prepare your booth is D-3 (that is, 3 days before the next TechUp). To ensure a quality experience to the participants, booths that are not configured by D-3 will be removed from that Episode.

Some recommendations

Prepare a video presentation and link it to the booth header when dressing it up (see above)

Follow the recommended sizes for images (instructions on the booth when configuring) to maximize the user experience

Create a booking link and use it as a Resource in the booth so people can schedule meeting you during or after TechUp

Optional features

Default Booths

TIOF Network & Initiatives

The IO Foundation

BHR in Tech




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