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This Handbook responds to the following Policies:


This handbook provides you with the necessary information to prepare and run an email campaign (EDM).

General Structure

See General Structure in TIOF's Handbook.

Lists & Audiences

You can always opt-out from any of these lists here:

[TIOF TU] TechUp Community

General newsletter for all things TechUp.

All TechUp ticket holders are in this newsletter (unless opted-out through any of the different "acquisition channels").

ListIntended AudienceTopics covered

[TIOF TU] Audience (Active)

  • Everyone on TechUp

  • Upcoming activities

  • Newly joined Partners

  • CTAs


[TIOF TU] Audience = Confirmed_Active Contact Type = Human

[TIOF TU] Audience (Past)

  • Everyone who attended previous seasons

[TIOF TU] TechUp Community Partners

AudienceIntended AudienceTopics Covered

[TIOF TU] Community Partners (Active)

  • Speakers (Active)

  • FOSS Partners (Active)

  • Organization Partners (Active)

  • Tech Community Partners (Active)

  • Updates on upcoming features

  • Updates on upcoming onboarding sessions

  • CTAs

    • CSR actions

[TIOF TU] Community Partners (Pending)

  • Tech Community Partners (Pending)

  • Organization Partners (Pending)

  • FOSS Partners (Pending)

  • Speakers (Pending)

  • Value propositions to join TechUp

  • CTAs

[TIOF TU] Organization Partners (Active)

[TIOF TU] Sponsors

AudienceIntended AudienceTopics Covered

Sponsors (Active)

Sponsors (Active)

Offers to sponsor TechUp

Sponsors (Pending)

Sponsors (Pending)

Offers to sponsor TechUp

[TIOF TU] Media

ListIntended AudienceTopics Covered

Media (Active)

Press Releases


See the Donors List on TIOF.

See corresponding Lists for each Initiative in their own in Handbook. TIOF - DCDR - BHR in Tech - CrowdShape - Project Lockdown - UDDR


Basic Structure

See the Basic Structure in TIOF's Handbook.

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